Earning Gold in Paladins


Earning Gold in Paladins

Paladins three currencies

With the public release of Paladins there is going to be an influx of new players. One of the basics that every player must learn is that Paladins has three in-game currencies: Gold coins, Battle Pass points, and Crystals. Gold coins are used in game to purchase champions, rank up champions, and buy some basic cosmetics (not any special cosmetics thou).

If you like the game and want to do anything like competitive matches for fun or their rewards, it is very important to have most or even all of the champions in the game. Since the teams take turns and ban or pick champions, one or two players at the time, at the beginning of competitive matches, having all of the champions gives you a few advantages. First, if your favorite champion is banned or selected before your turn, you still have other champions play with. Second, the team may need to fill a specific role such as the healer or the front-line for them and having all of the champions gives you the flexibility. You would also need to rank up the champions to unlock their abilities, otherwise you may end up as the weak point causing the doom of your teammates. So how do you earn gold? Here are the current methods to earn gold coins for free in the game:

Don't forget the cap!

Note that there is a daily cap of 10,000 gold coins to earn in the game. If you have a booster this cap is increased to 15,000 gold coins but that wouldn’t be free anymore. Not to worry though since it would probably take around 100 games to earn 10,000 gold coins. Have fun champions!

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