The four types of champions in Paladins


The four types of champions in Paladins

Paladins Champions

There are four types of champions to play with in Paladins. A good team typically consist of a combination of these and each team member has to play their part to make the team succeed. With that said, there are cases where some odd combinations of characters may end up doing very well as well.

Classes of Champions

In Paladins, you will find the following four classes of champions:

Team composition

Many combinations of champions in Paladins tend to work well. However, some of the combinations tend to be more effective in some of the game types. In team Deathmatch, most teams tend to consist of damage and flank champions. In Onslaught, at least one healer and front line can be very helpful. In Siege, the most common team combinations consist of a healer, one or two front lines, one or two damage, and one or two flank champions. With that said, we have also seen other combinations that have worked well. In one case, a team of five front line champions turned out to be very successful in Siege. Even without a healer, it was taking so many shots to kill each of them that they were able to push the objective to the finish line. The best way to find out what works for you is to try them. Good luck and have fun!

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