Competitive matches in Paladins


Competitive matches in Paladins

Competitive Matches

One of the great parts of Paladins is its competitive match features. In fact, the game encourages competitive matches by providing unique rewards that can be earned when you meet different milestones in the competitive track.

Competitive Ranks and Getting Started Tips

A player can join the season by playing ten placement matches. These ten qualifying matches will set the initial rank for the player. During the placement matches you can team up with one other player in a party. After the placement matches, you can pre-form a team by having up to five players that are a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum player. After platinum, players in Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster are restricted to parties of two when joining the match queue. The following are a few starting pointers for everyone:

No one size fits all

Different teams have different needs. They have different strengths and different weaknesses. As you play more, you will realize there is a whole lot more to competitive matches. Use our guide here as a starting point. Good luck and have fun!

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